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Dante's Purgatorio: Cantos 11-20 (Italian Literature in Translation)

Thurs., 6pm (U.S. Eastern Time)

Course Description: In this series, we are reading the second canticle of Dante’s Divine Comedy, at the pace of one canto per week. This term, we will be picking up where we left off in the Spring (Purgatorio 11). 

The class is a follow-up to a previous Telepaideia class series on Dante’s Inferno. Because Dante’s Purgatory is, in many ways, an inversion of his Hell, we will often refer back to Inferno during this second phase of the pilgrim’s journey. At the same time, students don’t necessarily need to have participated in previous iterations of the course (or to have read Inferno) in order to participate.


Level: Knowledge of Italian and/or pre-Modern literature helpful, but not necessary. Class discussion will be held in English. Contact the instructor ( if you have any questions about participating.

Textbook: Participants will need to procure a copy of Purgatorio, in Durling & Martinez’s facing translation + commentary.

Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

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Kristen Hook

Kristen is Paideia’s Programs Manager, as well as an instructor for Telepaideia.

Alongside her work at the Institute, she is writing a Ph.D. dissertation on poet Guido Cavalcanti’s afterlife in 15th century Florentine philosophy (UC Berkeley, Italian Studies). Before going to grad school, she lived and studied for several years in Rome, where she also worked for Paideia’s European branch.

She is a devotee of literature, philosophy, and art — especially of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance — and is fascinated by Aby Warburg’s approach to Antiquity’s “survivals.” She currently lives in Maryland.