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The Sibyl and the Return to Order Throughout History: The Inevitability of Exhaustion (Philosophy/Intellectual History)

Thurs., 7pm (U.S. Eastern Time)

Course Description: The Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, often referred to as the Delphic Oracle, everybody's favorite glue-sniffing psychic, has often been turned to in times of political uncertainty and reformation to give form and order. Through analysis of this figure and the artists who have depicted them, in particular, Lucan's depiction of the Delphic Oracle, Michaelangelo's sibyls in the Sistine Chapel, Marie Anne Lenormand (fortune-teller and advisor to Napoleon), and Neoclassical movements, in particular that which is known as the Return to Order of Post-WWI Paris, we will seek to couch current-day themes such as conflict and climate within a cyclical historicity. 


Level: All levels are welcome, no previous knowledge of Classical languages is required. 

Textbook: Instructor will provide materials.

Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

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Megan Buick

Megan Buick is a critical theorist from the Iowa City Writers Workshop, she has a Masters degree from Boston College in Philosophy and Theology and is working towards her PhD.