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St. Augustine's Confessions (Intermediate-Advanced Latin Reading)

Mon. 5pm (U.S. Eastern Time)

*Please note that this course will run only if two or more students enroll.

Course Description: This is an ongoing course reading through the entire text of St. Augustine's Confessions. A class session consists of reading and discussion of the text, with discussions arising from questions about grammar and content. While this is an ongoing course offered from semester to semester, we accept new students who are interested in the Confessions. We are currently in Book 5.


Level: This course is designed for the intermediate and advanced students.

Textbook: Text and commentary of the Confessions is readily available online. I recommend using the text at or the text and commentary (historical / literary) at

Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

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Andy Montgomery

P. Andrew Montgomery is Associate Professor of Classics at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.