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Italian for Classicists

Sat. 10am Eastern

Course Description​: This class combines the study of the Italian language and the study of Classics by reading modern texts of outstanding scholars such as Bettini, Lentano, Barchesi. During class we review and practice the grammar, read and write in Italian and discuss the content of some of the most recent contributions of Italian scholars to the field. All language skills are practiced and there is a combination of general and specific vocabulary you will learn to use to follow, participate or engage in spoken dialogues.


Level:This is an intermediate level course, so students should have a basic knowledge of Italian grammar and vocabulary (generic) and be able to read and understand simple/adapted text in Italian.
Textbook:Instructor will provide materials
Sections capped at:5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

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Maria Luisa De Seta

Maria Luisa De Seta has been teaching online since 2015 and has been part of many professional development on teaching and engaging in online classes throughout the years. She is certified online and blended instructor and PBS media certified educator. 

Maria Luisa De Seta grew up and studied Classics in Italy and Germany, and now teaches Latin I through AP Latin at Menlo Atherton High School in California. She holds a  BA in Classics (summa cum laude) and PhD on Literary studies from the Universita’ della Calabria, MA in Teaching Classics and MA in teaching Italian from the Universita’ per Stranieri di Siena; she was a fellow of  at the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae for two years. Her adventure as teacher started in 2005, at the Liceo Ginnasio Virgilio in Mantua, where she taught Latin and Ancient Greek, both with the traditional and natural approaches. After moving to California, she went back to teaching in public schools and started mentoring new Latin teachers from the San Francisco State Credentialing Program: she is proud of seeing three (so far) of her former students and advisees continuing studying Classics and becoming teachers as well. She has published articles on lexicography, Terence and Ovid and is interested in Rhetorical studies and the reception of the Classics. Recent interests include digital education and the use of technology in the classroom. Maria Luisa teaches a Telepaideia course on "Italian for Classicists".