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Classical Rhetoric: An Introduction (Cultural History in Translation)

Tues., 12pm (U.S. Eastern Time)

*Please note that this course will only run if two or more students enroll.

Course Description: Classical rhetoric is about the art of employing the best possible means of persuasion in any given situation. Classical rhetoric and oratory are useful skills that are evident from Ancient Greek and Latin texts, but are undoubtedly still applicable to contemporary life. This course explores the different aspects of classical rhetoric and oratory, and how it was utilized by great orators such as Cicero, Demosthenes and Pericles. The course also focus on how to incorporate and practically apply these ancient principles to one's everyday life.


Level: This course is designed for students with a background in Classical languages and Classical history. However, it is in no way a mandatory requirement. Students of all levels are welcome. Translations will be provided, but the primary text language will be investigated where relevant.

Textbook: Instructor will provide materials. 

Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

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Louise-Mari Muller

I am currently busy with my MA in Ancient Languages with Latin at the North-West University in South Africa. I also obtained both my BA Ancient Languages and BA Honours Ancient Languages degrees (cum laude) at the same institute. I have a great passion for both Greek and Latin, but my interests reach all the way from the Akkadian language to French to Afrikaans poetry. I also participated in the 2019 Living Latin in Rome program.