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Intermediate-Advanced Latin Reading: The Vita Coaetenea: an Introduction to Ramon Llull

Thurs. 4pm Eastern

Course DescriptionIn this course we will read the Vita Coaetanea of the medieval philosopher, mystic, and saint, Ramon Llull. While he is best known as the founder of Catalan as a literary language, Ramon Llull's works mainly circulated in Latin around the whole of Europe. His elaborate systems of thought, known as the Ars Magna​, influenced topics as diverse as information theory to theology, from Giordano Bruno to Leibniz. Llull dictated the Vita Coaetanea to his fellow Franciscans, and it relates the story of his life, from his troubled youth in multi-faith Mallorca to his missionary efforts in the Islamic world and the scholastic debates of the 13th and 14th centuries. We will supplement Llull’s autobiography with examples of his other works, including the highly diagrammatic Arbor Scientiae.


LevelThis course is intended for students with intermediate to advanced knowledge of Latin, either Classical or Medieval.
TextbookInstructor will provide materials.
Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

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Scotland Long

Scotland Long is a PhD candidate in Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania, where his work focuses on the literature of the Iberian peninsula in the Middle Ages, including works in Latin, Arabic, and romance vernaculars. He is currently writing a dissertation on the use of rhetorical examples in a wide array of medieval genres, including the commentaries of Averroes on the Poetics, the Arbor Scientiae of the polymath Ramon Llull, and numerous works in Medieval Spanish. Before crossing over to medievalism, he studied Classics at Bates College where he read extensively the work of Ovid and Lucretius, and shortly after participated in the Paideia Institute's "Medieval Latin in Paris" program.