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Intermediate-Advanced Latin Reading: Tibullus: Elegies Book 1

Wed. 1pm Eastern

Course Description: Tibullus is one of the Big Three love elegists of Latin literature, alongside Propertius and Ovid, and also the most mysterious. His Latin is famously uncomplicated, making him a great poet to read for students at the intermediate level, but the meaning of his poems is much less clear. Did he have a brain abnormality (an actual theory from 1913)? Is his poetry a Freudian dream? One thing seems clear: it’s about a lot more than love. We will read the complete ten-poem collection of Book 1 and discuss the distinctive features of his poetry and what meaning we find in it today. We will also learn (or review) elegiac meter and get comfortable reading elegiac couplets.


Level: This course is intended for students with intermediate to advanced knowledge of Latin.
Textbook: Instructor will provide the Latin text. Recommended: Your choice of one of three commentaries: (1) Murgatroyd, P. 1998. Tibullus: Elegies I. Bristol Classical Press. (2) Putnam, M. C. J. 1973. Tibullus: A Commentary. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman. (3) Maltby, R. 2002. Tibullus: Elegies. Text, Introduction and Commentary. F. Cairns.
Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

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Rachel Philbrick

Rachel grew up in Cambridge, Mass., and earned her PhD in Classics from Brown University in 2016. She also holds degrees from Cornell University, American University, and the University of Kentucky. This past year, she was Assistant Professor at the ICCS in Rome and had the pleasure of spending lockdown in the Eternal City.