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Horace Epistles I. 10-20

Wednesday., 7pm (U.S. Eastern Time)

Course Description: Similar to his Satires, Horace's Epistles are essays in verse, in the form of letters, in which Horace discusses daily life, his friends and acquaintances, food, the writing of poetry, and many other aspects of his life and opinions. We see a different, more chatty side of Horace than we are used to seeing in the Odes. Horace is a witty, loquacious, opinionated companion who artfully tells us a great deal about his daily life, his work, and his companions. Like the Satires, the Epistles feature a more colloquial style of Latin than usually found in Roman poetry. (This will be a reading class conducted in English and will be continuation of last semester, continuing from where we stopped.)


Level: Because Horace's language can be very colloquial at times, an intermediate-advanced level of Latin reading ability and experience will be most helpful for the participant.

Textbook: Epistle's Book I: Cambridge Greek and Latin Texts (Amazon)

Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

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David J. White has a PhD in Classical Studies from the University of Florida and an MA from Penn. Since 2004 he has taught at Baylor University, where he is a Senior Lecturer in Classics. A former student of Fr. Reggie Foster, he is a frequent participant in the Conventiculum Lexintoniense and other spoken-Latin gatherings as well as the spoken-Greek Synodos. He served as President of CAMWS-Southern Section 2016-2018. From 2018-2022 he was the Latin Orator for the Classical Association of the Middle-West and South. He has taught Latin reading and conversation classes through Telepaideia since 2020.