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The Paideia Institute Press publishes scholarly and pedagogical books related to the study of Latin and Greek language and literature. We aim to make our books accessible, both in terms of content and price. All profits earned from books published with the Paideia press will go to support Paideia's educational programming in Latin and Greek.

Dolphin Edition: Vergil's Aeneid

A monolingual edition of selections from the Aeneid. An introductory reader entirely in Latin that sets the student of the 21st century along the same paths of learning by which Vergil was...


Dolphin Edition: Homer's Iliad

A monolingual edition of the first book of the Iliad. An introductory reader entirely in Ancient Greek that sets the student of the 21st century along the same paths of...


Americana Latine: Latin Moments in the History of The United States

Andrew Dinan's Americana Latine: Latin Moments in the History of The United States presents over one hundred Latin texts written for the most part in or about lands that would become,...


Modern Greek for Classicists. A Graded Reader

Ilias Kolokouris's Modern Greek for Classicists is a reading companion for those who have already had some exposure to the Greek world — be it a solid foundation in Ancient Greek,...


Living Latin. A Graded Reader

This Latin reader provides simple, comprehensible input with an interesting plot set in the modern world. The material is ideal for intermediate Latin students who are interested in developing conversational...

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Ora et Labora. Poems by N.C. Germanacos

In the author's words, "The poems are the distillation of a lifetime of moving from country to country, home to home, language to language; of teaching, reading, writing, translating, and...


The Shortcut to Scholastic Latin

Dylan Schrader's concise guide to the Latin language and style used by medieval philosophers. “The world of Latin has needed Father Schrader’s book for a long time. There is simply nothing...


Quasi Labor Intus: Ambiguity in Latin Literature

For forty years,  American priest and friar Reginald Foster, O.C.D., worked in the Latin Letters office of the Roman Curia’s Secretary of State in Vatican City. As Latinist of four...


John Milton's the Book of Elegies: Translated by A.M. Juster

Currently out of stock. Pre-order now for delivery in late January 2021 Emily Wilson, the noted translator of The Odyssey, has written that "A.M. Juster’s translation of Milton’s elegiac verse,...


The Pig War

The Pig War is the first modern critical edition of John Placentius's timeless fairytale of privilege and oppression, edited and translated by Michael Fontaine and illustrated by David Beck. All profits from...


Elementa (USED)

The Elementa textbook is a curriculum that offers elementary and middle schools the opportunity to incorporate Latin into literacy instruction. Active learning materials and scripted lessons make the Elementa curriculum fun, engaging, and...