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Morsiunculae cum Musis - Little Bites with the Muses: Lesser Latin Poets Through the Ages

Thursday., 7pm (U.S. Eastern Time)

*Please note that this course will run only if two or more students enroll.

Course Description: Each week in this course we'll read one or more poems and/or selections of larger works in Latin, starting in Classical times with some of the lesser read authors (Tibullus, Statius, etc.) and work our way through the Middle Ages (Alcuinus, Walafrid Strabo, etc.) and enjoy selections written all the way up to recent times, ending with the 20th Century Vaticana Levia by Josephi Del Ton.

The course will be held primarily in Latin, with the goal of giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy the readings and top-up there Latin in a relaxing environment once a week without any expectation of prior weekly preparation, knowledge of matters relating to meter, etc. The instructor will provide the minimum necessary information for those in-and-out of the know in those realms. Students will also have the opportunity to propose selections to look at during the later end of the course, from any period of Latin, in the Muses inspire them to do so.


Level: Students should be very comfortable speaking Latin for the duration of the course, but no specific knowledge of Latin poetry or meter is required.

Textbook: Instructor will Provide Materials

Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

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Salve! I'm Michael (Meletus latine) Sweet. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in the Liberal Arts from Hiram College with a major in Philosophy, Master’s Degrees from Kent State University in Philosophy and Latin Literature, studied Ancient Greek as a living language for a semester at Polis – The Jerusalem Institute of Humanities and Languages in Israel, and Latin as a living language in Rome and Paris with the Paideia Institute, and at many Rusticationes and Bidua with SALVI (The North American Institute of Living Latin Studies) in the United States.

In addition to private tutoring that I’ve done since 2013, I work as an Adjunct Instructor with Kent State University in both the Philosophy and Modern and Classical Language Departments, have been an instructor for the Paideia Institute’s Telepaideia program, taught one semester as graduate instructor of Latin at the Polis – The Jerusalem Institute of Humanities and Languages, and was a K-6 Latin teacher in Cincinnati Public Schools for two years.

I currently live near Minneapolis, Minnesota with my partner, another Latin teacher who teaches at an elementary school full time, and our collection of books which is beginning to break the limits of our small apartment. When other things aren’t pressing, I enjoy old Nintendo games, I’m working on my skills in Italian, enjoy small art projects and reading (well, listening to audiobooks these days) science fiction and fantasy, as well as non-fiction history and philosophy texts. I also recently got into writing with a typewriter as a hobby.

You can read more about me at