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Living Latin. A Graded Reader

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This Latin reader provides simple, comprehensible input with an interesting plot set in the modern world. The material is ideal for intermediate Latin students who are interested in developing conversational ability in Latin.

The idiom is thoroughly classical, yet the vocabulary is drawn from daily life and includes words and expressions necessary for Latin conversation in school and the classroom. The reader can be used profitably by students at any level.

Throughout the book, the focus is not on teaching morphology and syntax, but on giving students words and phrases that they will need to converse and express themselves in Latin. The Latin glosses included in the margins are meant to provide additional exposure to the language and to help students and teachers begin to develop а copia verborum.

The questions at the end of each lesson give additional exposure to Latin. The questions are a basic test of comprehension and are intended to encourage the student to read the text more carefully. The exercises (exercitia) also can serve as examples of the types of questions that a teacher can pose to students in class or for written assignments. 

This reader can be used alongside Duolingo’s Latin course, which can serve as a vocabulary trainer and reinforcer for the program. Completing the first level of the Duolingo Latin course, which is free and available online, should prepare students to start using the graded reader.

We are working on creating online resources to support learning with the textbook. We are looking for teachers to pilot the curriculum and provide feedback. If you might be interested in piloting this curriculum then you can contact us ( to learn more about this product.